Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban





Pale Gold

Nose: 22
Taste: 23
Finish: 23
Balance: 23

What an absolute corker this one is!

I recently had the 10 year old Glenmorangie on which this port finish version is based and, I tell you, it was an absolute pleasure. So this expression, with it’s added maturity and consequent complexity, is a must have in any budding bar.

The nose is strong and sugary and the ripe bananas make me feel like I’m on a paradise island in the Caribbean. There is the smell of fresh grass, coconuts hanging from the trees and a mound of glistening grapes in the sun. In the very distant background is the wafting smell of a juicy meat stew emanating from one of the nearby wooden shacks that dot the beach.

The dry palate is oaky goodness on a slice of burnt toast. The red grapes try and come out in full force only to be subdued by a massive cinnamon jolt. The spices, though, balance marvelously with the sweeter flavors and make for a strong and robust impression.

The long finish is like opening a cupboard full of cloves, aniseed, almonds, and dark fruits. I love it!

Rating : 91