Old Pulteney Noss Head Lighthouse

Old Pulteney Noss Head
Distillery/Brand: Old Pulteney | ABV: 46% | Region: Highland | Color: Fino Sherry
Nose: 22 | Taste: 23 | Finish: 22 | Balance: 23 | Rating: 90

I think Old Pulteney puts out some very unique tasting malts. I really like the 21 year old (though not as much as some whisky gurus, mind you), the 17 is solid as is the 12.

Haven’t had the chance to taste the older bottlings but I did have sip or two from their last Travel Retail offering, the WK series, which were quite decent in my opinion.

If you know me you know I’m always wary of Travel Retail offerings. I think some not so stellar spirit is getting passed on under bright lights and fancy shelf work. Not always, mind you, but enough number of times to piss me off a bit.

But I can live with that. Such are the times today. And if amid the hog droppings I can occasionally score some gems from time to time I’m willing to accept that as a necessary evil. After all someone needs to pay the fancy marketers right?

So when Old Pulteney decided to launch their second range in this segment I was quite curious.

Decked up in bright colors the three expressions are packaged to attract attention. Each one commemorates OP’s maritime history by depicting a unique lighthouse situated close to the distillery.

This is the official blurb for the Noss Head Lighthouse expressions on the OP website:

Packaged with a vibrant blue label and tube, the design features an image of the Noss Head lighthouse which the whisky is inspired by. Built in 1849 by Robert Arnot and named after the Old Norse word ‘Snos’, the lighthouse represents the nose-shaped headland where it is situated.

So this one is is served up at 46% and matured exclusively in Bourbon barrels.

Nose: Very strong lemon. More lemon sherbet. Quite spicy. Herbaceous beans. There’s a bitterness mingled in with the floral. Fabric softener. The bourbon starts coming through finally. Vanilla. Coconut (oil). Beeswax. And that all too familiar OP salt.

Palate: Sugared candy in lime juice. White melon love hearts. Lychee sugar. Coconut oil. Mixed fruit candies. Cucumber. Very very unusual. I like it!

Finish: Fairly long. Those white melon love hearts again!

This is a very flavorful and delicate malt. Extremely sweet. And has a nice Lychee twist on the palate which I love.

Rating: 90


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