The Naked Grouse


Distillery/Brand: Famous Grouse
Region: Scotland
ABV: 40%
Color: Deep Gold

Nose: 23
Taste: 22
Finish: 22
Balance: 23

This little beauty was slipped in as a mystery malt at a single malt tasting recently and everyone was asked to identify it. My guess was The Macallan which made me only half right!

This is a lovely no-nonsense blend from Famous Grouse using arguably two of the most famous malts in the world – The Macallan & Highland Park. It is so no-nonsense that it doesn’t even have a label choosing, instead, to go ‘naked’ as the name suggests.

Nose: With malts matured in first-fill sherry casks the nose has a really rich and deep sherry influence. Lots of gooey rum topf and fruit cake with a raisin sprinkle followed by dark oranges, prunes and oaky almonds. A Christmas delight!

Palate: Not as delicious as the nose but quite tasty still. Cinnamon sticks on dark fruits and oaky oranges drizzled with a spicy chocolate syrup. I think it could have done with another 6% to really jar the taste buds into ecstacy.

Finish: Quite decent. Not very long but long enough, I suppose. The same dark oranges and spicy cinnamon.

This is a seriously good blend. Not only is it delicious it is an impossibly good deal in todays’ day and age.

Get a case of this (won’t cost you much) and enjoy it for a long long time.

Rating: 90


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