Glenmorangie Burgundy Wood Finish


Distillery/Brand: Glenmorangie
Region: Highland
ABV: 43%
Colour: Gold

Nose: 23
Taste: 22
Finish: 22
Balance: 22

Here’s another solid distillery that seldom puts a foot wrong. After all some old guy thinks this distillery produced the Whisky of the Year! Bloody hell! Who am I to argue with that?

Anyway, so I picked up this expression not really knowing anything about it other than the fact that I generally like Glenmorangies and the Burgundy Wood finish seemed quite an interesting prospect.

Nose: Quite sweetly layered and I like it. Marzipan, sliced apricots sit atop a sweet plate of creme brulee (minus the caramel, mind you). As the sweets fade there is a slice of minty celery accompanied by a floral whiff. And then, to add mystique, a pinch of black salt.

Palate: The burgundy wood comes cascading through on the palate (a little too strongly in my opinion) with notes of fruity wine, citrus and some nutty cinnamon.

Finish: The decent finish is oaky with a hint of spicy toffee.

I think this is another dependable expression from Glenmorangie. And if someone were to gift it me I wouldn’t complain.

Rating: 89


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