Amrut 100 Peated


Distillery/Brand: Amrut
ABV: 57.1%
Region: India
Colour: Copper

Nose: 23
Taste: 22
Finish: 22
Balance: 22

I am extremely fortunate to call Mr Ashok Chokalingam, Global Brand Ambassador of Amrut Distilleries, a very good friend. However, he’s a better friend to me than I am to him I must admit. For he released a batch of The Amrut 100 and had it bottled exclusively for our Malt Society in Dubai. Literally, just for us. And for that I am eternally grateful to him.

Bottled in September 2012, The Amrut 100 is first matured in ex-bourbon casks before making it’s way into 100 liter virgin oak barrels, thus, accelerating the maturation process in the hope of leaving behind intense flavors.

Nose: Mostly peat with a distinct earthy, mossy feel to it accompanied by mild weetabix soaked in warm milk. Oddly comforting. The sweetness takes a while to develop and comes in the form of orange vanilla. Adding a dash of water softens the peat and allows soft Danish butter cookies to come through. Very nice.

Palate: Comes firing at you on all cylinders and the peat and the high ABV don’t leave much room to maneuver the taste buds. It’s a bit of a lashing to be honest. But nothing that my weathered palate cannot sustain. The dash of water does make it more approachable and makes the toffee sweeter. Contrary to my rather rigid belief system I think I like this with a few drops of H2O.

Finish: Long with a balance of spices.

All in all this is an extremely enjoyable dram. It is not as complex as the expressions that Amrut is known for but it certainly holds it’s own against other peated whiskies in it’s weight class.

And thanks, Ashok. I owe you one.

Rating: 89


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