Glenrothes 1994


Distillery/Brand: Glenrothes
Region: Speyside
ABV: 43%
Colour: Pale Straw

Nose: 21
Taste: 21
Finish: 21
Balance: 21

This 1994 vintage Glenrothes (bottled in 2009) is an average offering from this Speyside distillery.

It has the typical Speyside nose of nuts (specifically almonds), lots of citrusy vanilla, warm brown chocolate with a layering of woody oak. It’s nice but offers no complexity.

The palate continues to be one dimensional and, frankly, I did not expect it to be anything else. There is the familiar honey and chocolate peppered with cinnamon with a woody undercurrent. But that’s it.

The long finish is woody and a touch dry.

A ho hum dram.

Rating: 84


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