Amrut Portonova


Distillery/Brand: Amrut
Region: India
ABV: 62.1%
Colour: Amontillado Sherry

Nose: 25
Taste: 24
Finish: 24
Balance: 24

I chanced upon this gem of a whisky by accident some time ago and managed to secure a bottle. After tasting it and realizing how scarce it was on the ground I stored it away for a special occasion. Little did I know that special occasion would be me buying another two bottles more than a year later. So now here I am writing another review.

Nose: Just gorgeous. Absolutely flawless. It starts off like a sherried-whisky (only I know it’s port but it has all the characteristics of one). The strong red grapes come crunched with pepper corns, almonds and a fistful of dark raisins and figs. This is covered in the most divine of thick, dark honey slathered on fresh toast sitting atop an oak slab strewn with a touch of hay.

Palate: The full bodied texture is exactly like a good quality after-dinner port apertif. First the strong cinnamon then the flowing charred caramel and the aniseed infused maple syrup cascade over your palate and wrestle your taste buds into a delightful submission.

Finish: The gloriously long finish is chock full of exotic spices like star anise and black pepper on honey; all of which is encompassed in an oaky brilliance.

This is the dram against which all drams will forever be measured.

Rating: 97


4 thoughts on “Amrut Portonova

    • For me this one wins hands down as the best expression from Amrut with the Two Continent and Intermediate Sherry a close second.

      What is your favorite distillery then if Amrut is second?

      • Ardbeg. From all of the glorious, almost untouchable, older expressions, through all of the newer bolder innovation…every whisky they release is a great dram. Not all spectacular, but certainly better than 90% of what hits the mainstream market.

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