Kilkerran – Work In Progress 4


Distillery/Brand: Kilkerran
Region: Campbeltown
ABV: 46%
Colour: Pale Straw

Nose: 23
Taste: 23
Finish: 22
Balance: 23

I decided to enter this particular expression from Campbeltown at our Malt Society’s blind tasting awards and luckily it was met with many a pleasantly raised eyebrow!

The nose is a lovely, crisp bouquet of honey, vanilla and green apples with a sprinkle of green wild berries atop freshly prepared waffles. One of the cleanest and most arresting noses of late.

The full bodied delivery is at first a touch peppery but then the honey and barley, mixed in with a couple of mint sprigs, balance everything out magnificently. Quite possibly one of the tastiest drams I’ve had recently.

The finish is long and oily and further fuels my fascination with malts from this region.

Rating: 91


3 thoughts on “Kilkerran – Work In Progress 4

  1. Visited the Glengyle distillery this past September. Neat to see, but somewhat of a mystery as to why they are only producing about 6 weeks a year right now.
    Not a big fan of the Kilkerrans I’ve tried so far, but I AM rooting for this distillery. Hopefully the whisky one day reaches the heights that Springbank does. It is, after all, shared resources.

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