Parkers Heritage Collection


Distillery/Brand: Parkers
Bottling: Parkers Heritage Collection
ABV: 50%
Colour: Old Sauternes

Nose: 24
Taste: 24
Finish: 24
Balance: 23

This was one of my earlier purchases and I hadn’t tasted it in a long time. I just remembered that it was good. How good? I had totally forgotten!

The nose is a massive burst of vanilla, coconut, leather and burnt toast. Just like a good bourbon should be. But what sets this one apart is the crisp intensity of each aroma. Add to this a beautiful mix of ground coffee, a slice of chocolate cake, fresh tobacco and cardamom and you invariably reach for the non-existant six shooter by your side!

The taste is as explosive as the nose with caramel, vanilla, orange liqueur and big cinnamon playing a country song on your palate. Oaky honey and maple syrup cascade in next to round off a lip smacking delivery.

As the long, oily and spicy finish hints of boiled sweets and cigar box you can’t help but salivate at the thought of the next sip.

A must-have winter night dram – preferably out in the open fields.

Rating: 95


One thought on “Parkers Heritage Collection

  1. Looks like someone is moving to Bourbon from Malts :)))). Bourbons on regular basis are getting very good ratings :)))

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