Santis Malt – Swiss Highlander


Distillery/Brand: Santis Malt
Bottling: Swiss Highlander
ABV: 40%
Colour: Sunlight

Nose: 19
Taste: 20
Finish: 19
Balance: 21

This single malt is unremarkable at best, choosing, instead, to stay neutral like it’s government has for ages. Whether that will change I don’t know.

Nose: Quite musty and dank like damp sugars cubes inside an oak bowl. But then that’s really it. It takes a few moments of uninterrupted silence to coax anything more from the nose. I had to use the Force to discern a very faint breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup. Except it was more molasses than maple. And it was more dough-y than pancakes.

Palate: An equally muddled palate brings with it an initial burst of five spice and fennel followed by a brief tumble of sugars. Chewing it a bit more releases a stick of red licorice but then again, like the nose, that was it.

Finish: The short, dry finish, with a touch of decay, leaves a lot to be desired in this expression. But I will wait for another Swiss single malt before damning the entire nation to hell.


Rating: 79


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