Glenmorangie 10





Pale Straw

Nose: 23
Taste: 23
Finish: 23
Balance: 23

This gem is used as a base to make the exceptional Quinta Ruban and Necta D’Or. And that’s what this entry level Glenmorangie is. Exceptional.

The nose is bright and sunny like the first day of spring. A picnic basket of goodness sits nearby with buttery biscuits covered in honey dipped raisins. A small fruitbasket of citrus, tinged with vanilla, comes out next followed by just a handful of moist almonds. The air is then filled with a touch of something delicate and floral.

The surprisingly robust delivery brings with it the juiciest of sugarcane and orange and lemon zest. Then adding complexity to the palate are cardamom seeds coated in the most faintest of silver mint. Finally the spices appear accompanied by a trickle of nuts.

The medium finish brings with it spicy black peppers which dry out to a more oaky finish. All in all a dram worth savoring.

Rating : 92


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