George T Stagg


Buffalo Trace



Nose: 24
Taste: 24
Finish: 24
Balance: 24

There are few sights in this world that can have a whisky drinkers’ heart racing than 71.4% ABV scrawled across a bottle of bourbon. I mean who in their right mind would let mere mortals drink this?

The geniuses at Buffalo Trace, who else?

Get past the heady alcohol fumes and you will find a treasure trove of dynamite aromas in this bourbon; like sitting down for breakfast at the local tanner’s, some where in the Wild West. All around you are piles of wood and leather products. His wife graciously serves you a cup of steaming mochaccino and ladles a healthy dollop of dark caramel into the giant steel cup. She then proceeds to add cloves, cinnamon and black pepper corns to spice things up a bit. And last, but not the least, gives you a thick piece of burnt toast spread with a chunky coat of orange marmalade to complete your meal. Gorgeous!

Have it unadulterated and you are thrown head-first into a hot chocolate fudge cake covered in wild gooseberries, treacle, cinnamon, black peppercorns, cloves and burnt sugar on top. Possibly one of the most delicious palates that exist.

The finish stays with you, I suspect, until you retire and start collecting pension. Chocolate brownies covered in nuts and massive spices round off this awe inspiring Wild West experience.

Why are you still reading this? Go get one now!

Rating : 96


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