Tomintoul Peaty Tang





Full Gold

I was really excited about trying this anomaly from Speyside.

This is one of those rare single malts that is distilled using peated barley in a Speyside distillery and the result is quite unusual and remarkable.

The first nose gives you the pleasantly familiar tang of peatiness (as promised by the name) and instantly transports you to a distillery in Islay. Though, it’s as if your mind is in Islay but your heart is still in Speyside; it’s an unusual feeling. Under the big wallop of peat lie sweet undertones of honey and sugar. The dry aura of heather then permeates through with a cosy, buttery scent of biscuits.

It’s a strong, strong delivery full of smoke and the palate needs a while to adjust and discover other hidden treasures underneath this peaty assault! First there’s a small slice of pancake smeared in delicate citrus and that’s followed by a sprinkling of dry nuts. The end is an all-spice affair which tends to linger.

Quite a unique flavor profile on this one. It stands with one foot on Islay and the other on Speyside and the beauty is it’s chosen to stand in exactly the right spots!

Rating : 92


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