Tobermory 15



Isle of Mull


Old Gold

The first thing about this single malt from Mull is it’s absolutely gorgeous wooden packaging. The beauty of the presentation alone is worth acquiring this gem.

The nose is a big white dish of dark purple fruits stewed in the oven and then removed. There’s blueberries, blackberries and thick chunks of plum. The fruits are then piled on to a rich, chewy fruit cake with layers and layers of fudge. Finally a light drizzle of spices, a hint of oak and a touch of something floral.

The delivery is a bold smearing of burnt marmalade on toast in tandem with juicy dark berries. Suddenly massive spices explode with a showering of chocolate chips and wood shavings. Adding a drop of water makes the palate a bit dry and definitely more oaky.

This is a fantastic dram with a lot of complex flavors. And funnily enough I love it because of it’s massive spices.

Rating : 93


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