Talisker 57 North





Pale Gold

I’ve been lucky enough to own multiple bottles of this beauty so I tend to drink this one at will! But I gloat. Let’s talk about the nose, shall we? The powerful aromas make me feel like a captain on a fishing trawler – braving the rough seas and the salty waves that pound the edge of the boat time and again. Strands of seaweed and kelp are flung on the ship in quick succession. No matter how hard the deck hands try they can never rid themselves of that. Out of the corner of my eye I see my first-mate neglecting his duties and tending to a succulent sausage barbecue. In between the sausages are the most delicious pieces of salty fish, sprayed with lemon zest, that I have ever tasted.

I want to discipline him but I can’t – something tells me to just accept the things the way they are.

As I bring the crystal nosing glass to my lips I am treated to three distinct emotions. First the full bodied malt announces it’s arrival with a touch of salt and a glimmer of smoke. Then, immediately fighting for attention are a tumble of autumn fruits and a lovely soft pudding. As your mind tries to come to grips with the two distinct flavors you are treated to the gentlest of iodine sprayed spices as they signal the end of the journey.

At 57% this is one of the longer finishes I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. If you don’t have one I suggest you go out there right now and procure yourself possibly one of the best tasting single malts out there!

Rating : 95


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