Kilchoman Dubai Edition





Pale Straw

This is a single cask, cask strength malt bottled specially for the Dubai Duty Free. Coming in at a hefty 58.7% it aims to appeal to the serious malt drinker who like his malts tough!

Rather an unusual nose this. Almost like sitting in a wooden cabin after a week of particularly savage thunderstorms. Growing on the walls is a generous amount of mould and that in turn overlooks the moss growing on the floor. By your side sits a chocolate brownie and as you reach out to pick it up you are distracted by a faint whiff of peat coming in through the door.

The palate is like reaching into the back of your kitchen cabinet and finding a box of sugar that’s been forgotten for months. Sugar that is now damp from it’s surroundings. There’s a touch of citrus and a drop of lemon. And then curiously a dash of soy sauce! I have no idea where that came from!

Once again I am convinced that these whiskies are being plucked too young. At about 4 years it had a lot more work to do. I can only hope older age statements age gracefully and the younger ones are slowly faded out as the distillery grows in stature.

But till then this malt is a young child who does not understand what you want. And that’s a little disappointing.

Rating : 82


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