Dalmore 18





Old Sauternes

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Paterson recently and one of the whiskies he shared with us was the Dalmore 18.

Very much like Mr Paterson’s personality the nose is big! Huge creamy chunks of sugar and vanilla. Like dipping your head in a bucket of caramel. As you shake your head from side to side capturing all the sweet honey vapors you’re hit in the face with black berries and strips of licorice. Then there is the unusual aroma of black salt. Like picking up a black rock on the beach and smelling the salt on it.

A lot of flavors on the palate though I’m not sure always in balance. The dry delivery brings with it the obvious honey and vanilla notes. Then there is the black salt. It appears suddenly and then just sits there among the toasted nuts. A second sip makes you think of banana smeared on wood and then dipped in citrus.

Once again I am torn between Mr Paterson’s infectious enthusiasm and my own palate. It is not my favorite dram but there is something unusual about that black salt that’s stuck to me for some reason. Just to experience that I will drink this one again.

Rating : 87


2 thoughts on “Dalmore 18

  1. Just found your blog and liked it so I’m starting at the beginning.

    I’ve found nothing in recent Dalmore releases to recommend. They’re over-branded, over coloured, and over filtered.

    What did you think of it on subsequent tastings?

    • Not a huge fan to be honest. Probably the King Alexander is the best of the lot for me in terms of balance. Even tried the 25 year and the 1992 Constellation and, while very nice whiskies, do not justify the price tag.

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