Ardmore 25





Pale Straw

Ardmore is slowly becoming one of my top 5 distilleries and this 25 year old expression has a lot to do with it.

One of the most pleasant noses I’ve come across recently. I expected a slap in the face (51.4% ABV) but instead I got a gentle caress of freshly baked biscuits, slightly ripe apples and freshly harvested barley stewing in the most delicate of caramel. A second nosing brings out what can only be mint leaves strewn on a bed of hay.

A lovely delivery on the palate introduces it’s star attractions; barley and honeycomb. Stay with it a bit longer and you pick up lemon zest and citrusy overtones. As the malt cascades down your throat in a silken delivery you are made aware of the gentlest of peaty smoke and mild spices.

A glorious dram with a finish that stays with you for a while.

Rating : 93


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