Highland Park 12


Highland Park



Young Sauternes

A very nice younger expression of one of my absolute favorites (the 18 year old). The nose is gentle yet firm with honey and barley and a touch of oak. Excellent delivery which is layered with a touch of honey and a gentle woodiness – a very complex undertaking of sweet, oak and spices. The finish is medium to long with vanilla and hints of smoke doing a good job.

Rating : 89


3 thoughts on “Highland Park 12

  1. I’ve really like this whisky but haven’t tried the 18. What would you say would be the biggest change over the longer period of maturation (and is it worth the extra cost)?

    • Definitely worth the extra cost. The sherry flavors balance out very nicely. The Orkney peat and the smoke find it’s place. Seems like just the right age for HP – eighteen years.

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