Suntory Hibiki 17


Suntory Hibiki

Young Sauternes

The nose is very sweet and floral with touches of honey and lavender. Extremely sweet and scented. On a second sniff I got a smattering of nutty almonds. There is a hint of cereal in there some where. The palate is quite dry and extremely sweet but is overpowered quickly with spices. Adding two drops of water opens up the nose even more and delivers strongly on the palate. The spices are gone with the addition of water. The finish is very oaky and full of woody pencil shavings. A very nice dram

Rating : 88


2 thoughts on “Suntory Hibiki 17

  1. I think Hibiki here is underrated with 88 points. For me it is the very best blend I have ever tasted [inclusive luxury blends who cost several times as much]. For me it is all, what I blend should be – and more…

    • Thanks for your comment Dom. I will most likely be re-visiting all my tasting notes and chances are my opinion may change. However, my ratings are just a personal opinion and not to be taken too seriously 🙂

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