Dalmore 12






The color is a very nice deep, dark amber thanks to the Oloroso sherry finish and I suspect the sherry is behind the thick dollopy legs that cascade down the side.

I find the nose quite complex with touches of honey, orange peel, cinnamon (maybe clove?), a faint wisp of oak and quite a strong presence of butterscotch toffee! It’s very easy on the palate but I would have preferred a few percentage ABV points more than the 40% it has on offer. I found understated raisins and red apples initially and that gave way to toffee and barley in the middle. It ended rather quickly for my liking on a note of heathery dryness. But that quickly goes away. Three precise drops of water make it quite chewy and a full bodied affair. For some reason it makes it a tad dryer in the end as well.

Overall this is a beautiful dram though I think the bottle is what I like best about it!

Rating : 90


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