Caol Ila 12


Caol Ila



Young Sauternes

If you like the Islays then this is the quintessential dram for you.

The nose is a smoke-storm of burning peaty embers. It’s almost like running through a field of burning barley. Very strong yet nicely balanced aromas which, on a second visit, provide you with a touch of tincture and iodine. The third vist (Yes, the nose keeps going) reveals it’s sweeter side: burnt sugar on top of caramel pudding. One of the most glorious noses I’ve come across in recent times!

The palate is a tumble dry of all that the nose promised. The delivery is dry and clean (see how I weaved that in?). A very strong woody component mixed in with a drizzle of roasted nuts, tobacco, cinnamon, nutmeg and licorice ensures that this is one of the ultimate die-hard Islay fan malts.

Rating : 91


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